Where to find themes for free Prezi

Online presentation softwares have been flourishing for several decades, offering greater flexibility for users who do not wish to complicate their life with complex software such as Powerpoint which they consider as too difficult. We suggest you to have a look over the most widespread presentation softwares on the web in order to compare them.


Genial is a very popular video presentation site. As a quite flexible tool, it allows a very easy insertion of your graphic documents. Thanks to an intuitive interface, you can organize and customize your slides via a simple drag-and-drop system as you wish. However, the tool offers few possibilities in free mode. You can benefit from all possible choices such as unlimited slides and themes only when you are part of an pro offer.


A very innovative startup is behind the design of this presentation software, a French product that has the ambition to compete with the giant of Microsoft, Powerpoint. It has the merit of being a powerful desktop publishing software and is well received by Internet users. It offers however only two versions: English and French, so the access offer produces only few features.

IBM Lotus Symphony

IBM Lotus Symphony is positioning itself on a highly competitive market, it aims to compete with the large companies presenting software online. Very powerful, its access is nevertheless quite difficult for beginners. That's why its performance is restricted to a limited circle of Internet users.

Haiku Deck

The Haiku Deck presentation software is without a doubt one of the most powerful online software. It offers very nice presentations in terms of design, it is easy to use and offers an important bank of themes, which gives Internet users a wide range of choices. Beside these great advantages this software has some disadvantages such as its relatively high price for that kind of service. The user is also not in a position to modify freely his model.


Prezmaker is a free online platform specialized in the realization of graphic templates for prezi where to insert personalized content. The platform https://www.prezmaker.shop is a real mine of graphic visual communication files. It provides a very large range of symbols and trends so that any company can easily build up its own communication context. Prezmaker has been designed to be simple, clear and fluid. The Prezmaker's users community has at its disposal a wide panel of pages, cleverly built up to satisfy all tastes, trends or special requirements.