Coheris’ CRM solution allows you to manage your customer relationship. To optimize your interactions with your customers, CRM Customer service is really helpful because it will help you to focus on the data of your client, which is really useful to you and your company. Using a customer intelligence solution will allow you to save time and energy by receiving sorted data. Customer intelligence is built to optimize your actions and your marketing campaigns.


The Perfect Tool for Marketing Campaigns


Coheris offers its customers to try their crm & customer intelligence solutions. In fact, Coheris offers a panel of tools to understand your clients better. You will be able to predict your customers’ needs before they even think about it by figuring out what their personal data traduces of their personalities.


These tools are very useful for a marketing campaign. Using crm & customer intelligence solutions will bring you opportunities that you would never have found without it. You will be able to promote your marketing campaign on all of your channels. In crm & customer intelligence solutions they are tools to plan, to launch and to test the campaign you created. It can be online or offline campaigns. It is a way to automate the marketing of your company and it will bring you much more efficiency than a normal marketing department. You can adjust in real time your marketing campaign. This service is very effective to avoid any problem that your campaign can encounter during the launch or during the period the campaign is online.

The more information you have about your customers, the more you will be able to create bounds with them

All data are analyzed by informatic tools and it helps you to answer all of your clients directly and personally without having to search for their information. It’s barely impossible for a company to link up all of the data of its customers. In order to centralize this data, with the crm & customer intelligence solutions that Coheris can provide you will be able to put together the information. It will also identify which data can interest you and which one couldn’t with the configuration you will apply on it. The final purpose of this tool would be to be able to treat every customer personally to bring them personal answers to their needs. In addition, the customer intelligence solution enables the personalization of every mail you’ll send to your customers at the same time. The software also measures the results of your actions with information that you applied on it.

The Coheris software helps you to collect data. All this valuable resources are not well exploited by companies nowadays and they miss tons of opportunities because of this lack of skills that prevent them from analyzing and use usefully this amount of information. To solve this loss of efficiency, Coheris offers a guarantee superior service to find new segments that are before your eyes but that you can’t see without a good crm. Check out Coheris to find more information!